Our preschool is located within Grace Fellowship Church. Please take a visual tour below to see our uniquely designed classrooms and learning centers.

 Home Living

This area is set up to encourage role play of home life. Kitchen and nursery pretend play allow children to experiment with family responsibilities. Home living provides children with the ability to try on a different role, encourages cooperation, and engages them in family life.





In this center, children will have access to creative materials to build, create, and express characteristics of their physical world. A changing variety of choices will be available, including wooden blocks, branch blocks, slats, wooden hoops, and loose natural objects such as pinecones and branches. This center encourages creativity, problem solving, communication with peers, fine motor skills, and reasoning.



Science & Nature

This area has many opportunities for children to explore their world. They will observe and explore natural objects with the help of their five sense, enjoy tactile stimulation with sensory bins, and absorb information for their curious minds through great nonfiction books. Kids can put their inner scientist to work by experimenting and learning about things like weather, plants, movement, force, planets, and more.


Bible & Listening Centers

Here, children will engage with Bible stories through gospel-centered lessons. Reading the story, watching the video segment, and acting it out will bring the action to life. Kids will sing fun songs and make bible crafts to bring home. Bible Times provides an opportunity for kids to discover God’s word in a fun, meaningful way that will touch their hearts and minds.




Message Center

Children can write messages (by drawing a picture, scribbles, stamping, letters, etc.) to their friends, post them in the mailbox, and put them in their friend’s mail pouch. This fun way of communicating and sharing information is a valuable pre-reading/pre-writing opportunity for kids to express themselves and make strong social connections.


Math & Computer Center

Loose parts and manipulatives such as pattern blocks, shells, stones, and magnets will be used to investigate math concepts and relationships. Computers will be available for students to interact with educational programs and learn basic computer skills. Teachers will also use this area for small group work.

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Library Center

Our cozy library will offer a changing selection of high quality children’s literature and information books. Children can relax and spend some quiet time looking at books alone or with their friends. Exploring books is very important for developing letter recognition, book basics, and reading skills.


This is our art studio, where kids will experiment with a variety of authentic artist materials to create, test, explore, and convey learning through artistic expression. Clay, oil pastels, markers, paint, collage, loose parts, colored pencils, and more will be made available throughout the year to encourage children to try something new and find what they like best. Kids will develop fine motor and social skills with individual and collaborative works of art.

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Indoor Large Motor
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